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Luxous 1547 D FR

Luxous 1547 D FR

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Ideal for energy savings, day and night, LUXOUS 1547 D FR combines good heat retention with great light diffusion and transmission. The diffusion brings light to the plants from many angles, reducing overheating of the upper areas. Its heat retention stabilizes temperatures, minimizing dew formation and the risk of fungal diseases.

This screen is made with flame retardant materials, this is the best choice for installations with fire-proof requirements. It complies with the highest standards in the horticultural industry and we have test reports endorsed by various institutions and authorities.


  • Application: Indoor
  • System: Hanging, Sliding
  • Features: Energy saving, Light diffusion
  • Shade level under diffused light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 30% - Svensson Method - 24%
  • Shade level under direct light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 19% - Svensson Method - 15%
  • UV Light Transmission: Svensson Method 17%
  • Energy savings: Svensson method 47%

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