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Harmony 5215 O

Harmony 5215 O

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HARMONY 5215 O is a white shade with an open structure for greater diffusion of light and shading. On warm days it protects, cools and brings light to the plants from many more angles, stimulating growth.

During the night it helps to reduce the loss of radiated heat, minimizing the formation of dew on the crop and reducing the risk of fungal diseases.


  • Application: Indoor
  • System: Hanging, Sliding
  • Feature: Sun Protection, Light Diffusion
  • Shade level under diffuse light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol- 61%- Svensson Method- 54%
  • Shade level under direct light: Protocol NEN 2675:2018- 59%- Svensson Method- 52%
  • Energy saving: Svensson Method 15%

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