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Harmony 3015OE

Harmony 3015OE

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HARMONY 3015 OE is a white screen that diffuses light, protects crops and controls the climate. On warm days, the open-frame screen protects and cools while bringing light to plants from many more angles, stimulating growth and reducing greenhouse and plant temperatures. At night it helps to reduce the loss of radiated heat from the plants. HARMONY 3015 OE can be used for non-bearing, sliding or fixed screen installations.


  • Application: Outdoor
  • System: Rolling, Sliding
  • Feature: Sun Protection, Light Diffusion
  • Shadow level under diffused light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 43% - Svensson Method - 37%
  • Shade level under direct light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 38% - Svensson Method - 30%
  • Energy savings: Svensson method 15%

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