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Harmony 3015 O

Harmony 3015 O

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HARMONY 3015 O takes diffused light in the greenhouse to the next level. It scatters sunlight like no other, creating soft light that covers more of the crop and reaches deeper into each plant.

More light exposure and cooler temperatures allow plants and people to flourish in the greenhouse. The result is faster growth and stronger plants. These screens are available in open and closed versions.


  • Application: Indoor
  • System: Hanging, Sliding
  • Features: Light diffusion
  • Shadow level under diffused light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 44%- Svensson Method- 39%
  • Shade level under direct light: NEN 2675:2018 Protocol - 38%- Svensson Method- 30%
  • Energy saving: Svensson Method 15%

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