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Air curtains - CAI-60

Air curtains - CAI-60

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air curtains

Brand: S&P

Model: Air curtain CAI-60

Size: 60

Manufactured with resistant materials, its main objective is to prevent the loss of HVAC systems and form a dividing barrier to prevent the passage of contaminants in specific work areas where the entry and exit of people, vehicles or merchandise is continuous; or, when a door to the outside remains open.

Power 908W and supply 3-220V-60HzV, 3 phases.

Technical characteristics:

  • Working point: Flow (m³/h)4851
  • Sound pressure: - 3m [dB(A)]71
  • Uniformity: 2m - 95%
  • Fan Size (in): 60
  • Weight: 56.20kg

Engine Features:

  • Motor power: (W)908
  • Voltage: 3-220V-60Hz
  • Frequency(Hz): 60
  • Maximum current(A): 3
  • Motor phase: three-phase
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