• Harmony 3647 FR Screen of 4.00x100m Price of Roll

Harmony 3647 FR Screen of 4.00x100m Price of Roll


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Spreads light like no other.

HARMONY 3647 FR takes diffused light in greenhouses to a next level. It scatters sunlight like no other, creating a soft light that covers more parts of the crop and reaches deeper into every plant. More light exposure and lower temperature allow plants and people to flourish in the greenhouse. The result is faster growth and stronger plants. HARMONY 3647 FR has been made of flame retardant materials only. This is the optimum choice for all installations from a fire safety perspective. It meets the highest safety standards in the horticultural industry and test reports are available from various authorities.





Hanging, Sliding


Light diffusion

-Flame retardant


-Shading level in diffused light

Protocol NEN 2675

50 %

Svensson method

44 %

-Shading level in direct light

Protocol NEN 2675

43 %

Svensson method

36 %

-Energy saving

Svensson method

47 %



100 %


3 transparent diffuse, 1 white diffuse, 2 transparent diffuse, 1 white diffuse

-Width of strips

4 mm


57 g/m²


Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering.