• GW Screening Motor Gearboxes

GW Screening Motor Gearboxes


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Specifically for use in screen installations, De Gier offers the powerful S drives. With a minimum number of drives it is possible to control a maximum area of screens.

These GW series drives have the following specific features:

  • -Equipped as standard with 12B z18 sprockets and matching duplex chains.
  • -The weld sprocket is available for 2" drive tube.


  • VENLO greenhous screening
  • Greenhouse screening
  • Widespan greenhouse screening


  • Available in different versions (ventilation, screening and winching).
  • Drive torque range from 100 to 1500 Nm.
  • Speed range from 1.3 to 30 rpm.
  • Equipped with linear limit switch system with operating and emergency limits.
  • Adjustable switching range from 0.2 to 88 turns of the output shaft.
  • Adjustable switching range from 1.0 to max. 1400 turns of the output shaft at 15 and 30 rpm.
  • Duty cycle limited to 25 minutes maximum (S3-30%).
  • Prepared for installation of an I-DE encoder for position feedback to a climate controller.
  • Base mounting and side mounting both possible.
  • As a standard supplied in colour De Gier Drive Systems Blue (RAL5009).
  • Electric motors with protection rating IP55 according to EN 600529.
  • Hex socket head connection on the electric motor shaft enabling manual or battery drill operation.
  • Supplied with installation instructions, mounting bolts and vent plug in a handy pouch.
  • Individually packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with identification label.
  • Installation instructions with a II-I B certificate for your CE mark available.
  • As an option the GW motor gearbox can be supplied with built-in encoder (I-DE) or a potentiometer for position feedback.
  • Electric motors with different voltages, frequencies and protection ratings are available
  • Motors with UL and CSA certification optionally available.